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My Eat Pray Love Thing

So I’m leaving in just a few short weeks to go on what my friends are calling “my Eat Pray Love thing.”  Except the eating will be sans gluten or refined sugar and the ‘love’ part is discouraged—along with alcohol…and drugs…no word yet on rock ‘n’ roll.  There will be lots of praying in the meditation sense—I’m going to Costa Rica for a month to get certified to teach yoga. 

                “Why Costa Rica?  people ask me when I tell them of my upcoming adventure.

                “Why not?”  I reply.  Because, in truth, getting certified to teach yoga is something that I could do anywhere.  But in Costa Rica, I will be fully certified by the end of the month.  And there’s an infinity pool…and I’m staying in a cabina with a full-glass shower that overlooks the rainforest…..and the yoga studio is open air and sometimes monkeys wander in.  You have the right to be fully disgusted with me right now.

                But then there’s the part about the strict diet and waking up at dawn and the fact that I won’t be drinking wine for weeks on end.  And some people don’t understand why on earth I would call that a vacation.   

                A few months ago, I began thinking about my Future (yes, a capital F is called for here).  And in keeping in line with doing the things that I am passionate about, the logical answer was to pursue yoga—the thing that has kept me sane and lean for the past few years—in a more professional setting.  A teacher training would give me a chance to not only pursue my own practice but be able to pass on to others the joy that can be found on the mat.

                So that was in the back of my mind as I read my Yoga Journal magazine.  I saw an ad for a yoga teacher training in Costa Rica.  I spent a day on Google researching programs.  I found one with a program in October with an instructor that looked amazing.  It turned out to be in the town that I had most fallen in love with when I spent time in Costa Rica years ago.  I e-mailed the contact, began a correspondence and then debated for a while about whether or not I should actually do this.

                “Should I actually do this?” I asked one friend.

                “You can’t NOT do this right now!  This is just what you need!” said friend.

                “But maybe I should do something that’s more, I don’t know, professional,” I said to another friend.

                “But what do you want your profession to be?  If you want to teach yoga, then this is exactly what you need to do,” said friend.

                “Maybe I should wait and do it later,” I said to a third friend.

                “You might not get the chance if you always say ‘later’,” said friend.

                Turns out I have really smart friends.  Because I have no grand illusions that this trip will answer every question that I have about my capital F future.  But I know that it will be the experience of a lifetime.  And I know that, after the year that preceded this retreat, it will be the perfect way to reflect, and cleanse, and perhaps start afresh.  I know I deserve the vacation and the infinity pool….and I also know that I owe it to myself to retreat a little bit—to see what can be found.

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