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About every two weeks, I’ll stand in front of my yoga classes and be all “Hey y’all, there’s a new/full moon tonight and here’s what it means.” I always kinda feel like the cliché of a yoga teacher when I start class like that but whatever. I suppose my students can always choose to tune me out whenever they see fit….and I have no doubt that some of them do. But heck, all of our bodies are composed of about 60% water so it kind of makes sense that these lunar cycles hold a little bit of sway over all of us, much like they control the tides all over the world. Science!

So here’s the deal—-if you follow astrology it is believed that full moons are usually a time of great release and sometimes turbulent change. It’s a time to assess whatever has been happening in your life over the past month and figure out what you wish to carry forth and what you choose to simply (or mabye not so simply) leave behind. Alternatively, new moons are a time of new beginning. They are fresh slates, blank canvases……they are a giant red reset button. Now depending on where the moon is at in the sky and which zodiac sign influences it during that particular month, the subtleties of these themes will be a little bit different. But the gist is the same.

And the gist is what I think is the really cool part. That every two weeks, we are always getting a chance to let go and then bring forth………over and over and over. Because that kind of goes back to the Law of Conservation of Mass. More Science! This law states that the mass of something can’t be changed in a closed system, it can’t be created or destroyed, but it can be rearranged in space. Our delicate little human compositions work the same way. We only have so much room in our bodies and minds and if we keep them filled with crap, for lack of a better term, then we can’t let anything else in. So to bring in and start new, we must first let go.

Last week the new moon was in Scorpio and one of the super cliché hippie yoga websites that I follow boiled down the meaning of the moon into these two questions: What do you want more than anything? And what are you willing to let go of or change to get it? Now if that’s not the definition of letting go to bring in then I don’t really know what is. The article ended with this: Allow yourself to be alchemized. And my friends, I haven’t been able to let go of that sentence since my eyes first met it.

What is alchemy? And yet again….Science!!! Alchemy is actually one of the earliest forms of science in which people would take these somewhat ordinary metals and turn them into gold. And the only way to succeed in this process is by using a lot of heat and a lot of pressure. Only then can something sort of dull and boring become something valuable and shiny. I don’t know about you but when I think about allowing myself to be alchemized, it sounds very powerful and She-Ra master of the universey. It sounds fun. But maybe also a little scary.   Because pressure and heat and tough transformations are intimidating. And let’s face it….even though dull and boring is dull and boring, maybe we are used to things just not shining.

But then again…..gold can be pretty valuable…. and really fun to wear.

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