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Roy Glenn Skeen, Jr.

imageRoy Glenn Skeen, Jr. was born on August 17, 1945 in Pinehurst NC and passed away December 9th, 2015 in Lexington, VA, after a long and courageous battle with cancer. He is preceded in death by his mother, Eleanor Skeen, his father, Roy Skeen Sr., and his beloved sisters, Susan and Becky. Roy is survived by his sisters Sarah, her husband David, and Mary Beth, her partner Aaron Frail, his brother-in-law Bob Webb and his nieces, Ashley Skeen and Erin Webb. Shortly before his death, he told his loved ones that he had accepted his condition because he knew that he had lived a full life. And what a full life it was. Roy was a man who found intrigue in challenges, beauty in the wonders of nature, fascination in science fiction and absolute solace in music.  When he spoke to others about these things that he loved, it was with a blend of great intelligence and even greater passion. There are the things that we do in our time here to make a living and the things that we do to make a life. Roy approached both with equal curiosity, zest, and inventiveness. After graduating from ITT with a degree in controls technology, he worked for NASA in Newport News, VA where his talents and great attention to detail were respected by his peers. These traits showed up tenfold to anyone who ever held in their hands a musical instrument that Roy had crafted. He was a man who was moved by music and a man who made music move beautifully. He was an amateur, self-taught luthier, making and repairing stringed instruments from scratch, often refurbishing old pieces that all others had given up on and turning them into pieces of art with perfect pitch and intricate inlays. Roy participated with fellow musicians in Lexington in a group they referred to as “the old time jam group”, he loved going to the various music festivals, and it is no doubt that his contribution to the harmony of these gatherings will be greatly mourned. Roy often captured his views of the world from the other end of a camera. His images showed the beauty of the landscape of Vietnam, where he served as a young man in the US Army before being honorably discharged. As an older man, Roy very much enjoy riding his bicycle for long distances and his camera was in tow, capturing pictures of things that most people move by too quickly to truly see. Following his retirement, Roy moved to Lexington, VA where he watched the sunsets over the Blue Ridge Parkway from his house and it is from one of the overlooks on the parkway where his remains will be spread.   Roy Glenn Skeen, Jr. lived a life that would be considered quiet by many but to those that knew and loved him, it was nothing short of the most beautiful song you’ve ever heard, complete with harmony and grace and that certain little sound that just fills your heart and makes you smile.

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