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Alright, so I’m just gonna be honest.  Snow really pisses me off.  I am a pretty even-keeled individual and not much pisses me off.  But snow does.  How I survived for eight years in the Rocky Mountains remains a wonder to me.  If I had my druthers (man I never get sick of that expression), I would never see a little white snowflake ever again in my life.  It’s not pretty to me.

So here I write this as the little white stuff falls steadily outside my window.  The weatherman promised at least a foot and maybe two.  Shelves are being cleared at the local grocery store and everything is being closed and cancelled….including all three places of my employment.  And all the sudden I’m staring down the idea of spending three days with absolutely nothing that I have to do.  And a panic is setting in.

And that’s what is at the root of my pissedoffedness at snow.  I hate when something gets in the way of me doing what I want to/need to/have to/should do.  I hate being forced to chill out.  I know right…..I’m a yoga teacher and I should be really good at this.  But no. I like to chill out on my own terms.  So here comes this snowstorm with the unassuming name of Jonas and I’m all “oh hey there universe, I see what you’re trying to do.”

So as I begin working this through in my brain, I think back to a couple days ago, when we got a little weather precursor in the form of a few inches of snow.  On that day, I was driving back from a fun little mini-vacay in Louisville.  I split the driving with my friend and found myself behind the wheel on a snowy interstate in West Virginia which is a very scary place to be due to 1) less than stellar road maintenance and 2) even further from stellar drivers.   In less than 10 miles, I witnessed the truck in front of me fishtail all the way across a bridge before gaining control and a car driving the other way spin out in a complete circle before being hit by another car.  I took the next exit and proceeded to peel my fingers off the steering wheel.

But anyhoo (another one of my favorite expressions), I started thinking about how these cars on the road were no different from me.  They were going too fast, refusing to slow down despite everything in the universe telling them to and, as a result, they were spinning out of control.  Maybe if they had simply slowed down a little, not rushing to the next place they thought they needed to be; then maybe they could have arrived without dents or bruises.

So this weekend, I will take this little gift from the universe to allow myself to simply be.  I will keep my car in the driveway and only leave when I need to take my dog or myself out to play in the snow.  I will figure out how to get to this next place where I need to be in the grander realm of things without a scratch to show for it.

Stay safe and warm friends.  Happy snowpocolypse.


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