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A friend of mine once told me that we have many teachers in our lives, telling us just what we need to hear so that we may learn more about our lives and our selves.  This might not always be what we want to hear, but always what we need to hear.  Our teachers can be our loved ones or someone we look up to.  It can be an acquaintance who says just the random right thing at the right time.  And sometimes a teacher can be a complete stranger.

The other day my teacher was the front desk clerk at a hotel in Columbus.  There I was getting ready to check out after a couple days spent in the big city.  I was a little sleepy and not looking forward to a rainy drive home.  I was at the coffee counter filling my cup to the brim with precious brew and he shouted over to me from behind the desk.

“Good morning ma’am! Today is going to be a wonderful day!”

“Is it?” I responded, my voice lifting up on the second word as if to convey my skepticism.

“Claim it girl,” he said.

Claim it.  Wow.  Those words hit me just in the place I needed to hear it.  I’ve been working for a while with the idea of creating my own joy, setting intention for the day, on shifting my focus towards the things that will most serve the life I wish to lead.  But lord, that’s a process.  But it was something about the idea of claiming the day that sat in my head in a brand new place.

And it took me a few days to figure out why exactly.  And I think what I came up with is that by claiming something, it’s saying that it is rightfully ours.  We have the proof that it belongs to us.  So it’s not only having this want of joy; it’s having a right to joy.  It’s not only wanting and wishing for the good in our lives, it’s believing that we have an absolute claim to it.  It’s simply saying that we are worthy of all that we desire.

So those words have become something of a mantra to me in the days since I heard them.  And when I hear it in my head, it’s always in that booming voice of the stranger who spoke them to me.  “Claim it, girl.”  It could be claiming the right to have a wonderful day.  But it could be so much more…claiming the right to move forward in my life and drop the past, claiming the right to a new perspective or possibility, claiming the right to be treated how I wish to be treated   Anyone can be our teacher; sometimes we just have to listen….not just hear, but really actually listen.  That’s what learning is all about.

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